Gunnar Peerson

Union Citizen [1]

Born 4998 - * Native to Planet Nilfeheim in the Solken System

Member of the Peerson Clan and twin brother to Annar Peerson, Union School classmate of Eric Olafson.

Gunnar was the first of the twins to be born, so technically he is the first born heir, but Annar had the right to challenge him at any time for the right to be heir.

Gunnar lost a Challenge Fight to Sigvard Elhir and was stricken from the records of the Peerson Clan (He became Sector Manager of Arthur's Swine and Dine and then opened his own Fast Food Chain).[2]

Gunnar's life had been saved by Eric Olafson after Leif Elhir had thrown him into the ocean (see the Union School Incident report 8689483-768783-NILF )

[1] Gunnar went off planet and thus had to serve 22 month to become a full citizen. Gunnar served his time as a Food management assistent for an Union Police Precinct)

[2] In 5036 he received a grant from the Nilfeheim Representative and opened his first restaurant "Gunnar's Golden Fish " (New Sweden Spaceport) and thanks to his good product and mostly thanks to the management skills he learnd while he was with Arthur's Swine and Dine , kept expanding his restaurant into a chain. GGF opened its 100th restaurant in 5050 at the Nilfeheim space port.

Gunnar married a woman native to New Sweden, sired 4 children and became the second selfmade billionaire of Nilfeheim, after Erik Gustav Ragnarsson .

[Note] Eric Olafson was not a self made bilionaire.

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