Höllenlärm Contemporary acoustic art and performance band active between  5033-5040. The group was founded by Lip Pierced  and Baggypants Jones , two GalDrifts[1] and became quite succesfull, but the true fans abandoned the group after they charged money for their concerts and a fee for a download of the music. They named themselves after a Saturnian word for "Hellsih Noise" - ( It has its roor in Terran German) Lip Pierce died on sniffing Califerm and Baggypants Jones shot and killed the other two band members Farty Smelson and Emptyhead.  The Ultra Cling Clang fad was already fadeing at that point

While Ultra Cling Clang was credited to be first performed and defined by Dispht Khoon , this art performance most successful group was the Höllenlärm band 5033-5040

[1] Sons of a wealthy familiy who went drifting for a year, not real Drifts