HK 40mm GMG circa 2015CE

H&K 40mm GMG circa 2015CE

Heckler & Koch aka H & K – a German defense manufacturing company founded in 1948 CE that manufactures handguns of all types (chemical, rocket, etc), military rifles, machine guns, and grenade launchers. The company is still headquartered in Oberndorf, Germany, Terra.

The Heckler & Koch Group comprises Heckler & Koch GmbH, Heckler & Koch Defense and NSAF Ltd. The company motto is "Keine Kompromisse!" (No Compromises!). HK provides firearms for many military and paramilitary units, like the Federal Police, United Stars Army, Navy and Marines and counter-terrorist and hostage rescue teams. With BoCA approval, these same weapons are available to colonists. Many of their weapons are available to civilians in a “demilitarized” version.

All firearms made by HK are named by a prefix and the official designation, with suffixes used for variants.

HK has a history of innovation in firearms, such as the use of polymers in weapon designs and the use of an integral rail for flashlights on handguns. HK also developed polygonal rifling, noted for high accuracy, increased muzzle velocity and barrel life. Not all of its technologically ambitious designs have translated into commercially successful products (for instance, the abandoned G11 military rifle, which fired caseless high-velocity ammunition).

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