Hand spider
Hand Crawlers

aka Hairy Hands, Bone Hands

Vermin of insectoid / crustacean nature .

These critters are about hand sized and their bodies somewhat resemble a human hand. The critters have a poisonous stinger with a poison lethal to many life forms.

It is not known where these critters originally came from or when or by whom they were introduced into the SIN 4 environment.

These life forms like dark and preferable moist areas could be found in basements, the old sewers of Sin 4 and in many abandoned buildings. It is known that Skaakh have hunted and cooked these critters for food.

After the fall of Sin 4 and the planet being reclaimed by the Stik, massive environmental repair and restoration efforts also included the extermination of non native live forms. A collection of Hairy Hand spiders can be seen at the Sin 4 Xeno Vermin Exhibition at Venus Xeno Zoo.

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