The Haunted Hunting Sub is a part of the mythology that has developed on Nilfeheim.  A typical story has it appearing just as the crew of a hunting sub is preparing to fire at a large Tyranno Fin.  It makes the kill and starts to tow the carcass then misteriously disappears without a sign.  Other times it appears to cruise along 25 to 50 feet in the air.

On rare occasions the sub has stopped and allowed crewmembers of another sub to board her - who reported no sign of life.  If the sub disapeared with anyone on board, that person would soon be found at the burg either dead but with no sign of violence or without any memories of boarding the haunted sub.

Tyr's Note:Edit

The stories about the "Haunted Sub" are one of three types.

  1. Lies given as an excuse for a unprofitable hunting expedition.
  2. The Poseidon.
  3. The Poseidon run by remote control and the "stowaway" being either killed or having his memories errased.
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