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Health and Safety Inspectors

While similar jobs have existed for a long time. The Union HASI is a direct development of the Clone wars of United Earth.

During that time, Genetic tailored clone slaves were used as cheap alternative to robots to perform a myriad of labor services to humanity.

In often deplorable and unsafe conditions. A "damaged" slave was simply disposed off and replaced.

After the Gene Clone crisis, Clone Slaves could no longer be used. Yet the labor still needed to be performed. 

Even though robotics developed in leap and bounds, it was still expensive and there still where jobs robots could not do.

While health and safety was never a real issue at core worlds. conditions were often deplorable at distant mining colonies.

Also the increasing expansion of the Union with non humanoid beings and different saefty requirements made the field of occupational safety an increasing difficult field.

In 3002 (OTT) the Assembly decided to remove any and all government safety controls from private businesses and replaced it with the "Occupational Safety Doctrine Act"

The act includes this wording

1) You can't be forced to work and you can't be forced to employ 

2) No one knows your business like you, including the potential hazards. If you employ sentient beings do what it takes to keep them safe.

3) Employer must list all known saefty hazard in the work contract and the employee must have time to read it and understand the risks. Then accept the conditions and saefty measures provided by signature. Employer must provide recorded saefty training. In case of injury or death. Saefty training records must be provided and a Union Court will decide if it was the employers  or the employees fault.

However any Federal employer or company contracting work from the Union / Federal government are subject to HAS-Inspectors.