Heavily subsidized Space Bus lines

heavily subsidized Space Bus lines

Part of the success that made the United Stars of the Galaxies what it is today are these Union’s core policies. The Communication Act of 2223 (OTT) and the related Travel Assistance Act of 2224 (OTT) .
These policies are aimed to integrate every member species and community in a tight communications net and allow every Union citizen to travel very cheap to any place within Union space   
The Travel Act requires that the government provides the means of cheap travel to any Union community. 
Out of the TAA developed the Union Space Bus service .
It was to realize the vision and plan set forth in the Travel Assistance Act providing all citizens cheap, affordable travel connections across the entire Union space. 
Every Planet, every occupied deep space station, every moon and colony to  be reacheable via space bus. 
Space buses are reliable, relative slow space ships with only rudimentary passenger comforts.
The space bus program was created

Space Bus service is heavily subsidized by the Union government, no luxury accomodations are to be offered in order to make the service equal to anyone using it.

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