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Heidelberg German pronunciation: [ˈhaɪdəlbɛʁk] is a city in south-west Germany. (Europe Region Earth) The fifth-largest city in the State of Baden-Württemberg after Stuttgart, Mannheim, Karlsruhe and Freiburg im Breisgau, Heidelberg is part of the once densely populated Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region. In 5011, over 150,000 people lived in the city. Heidelberg lies on the River Neckar in a steep valley in the Odenwald.

A former residence of the Electorate of the Palatinate, Heidelberg is the location of Heidelberg University, one of the Unions finest Universitites. Heidelberg is a popular tourist destination due to its romantic and picturesque cityscape, including Heidelberg Castle and the baroque style Old Town.

It is known to many for the Heidelberg Psi Index that was developed here.

[1] Heidelberg University is at Rank 5 of the most prestigious Universities of the Union.

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