Heidelberg Psionic Abilities Evaluation Scaled IndexEdit

Generally known as HPI or Heidelberg Psi Index

After Earth ascended to become a Galactic Community, humans on Earth learned that not only Faster than light travel is indeed possible, but that so called Psionics were quite real and that there were entire cultures basing their civilizations on this phenomenon. The first University on Earth studying Psionics in a serious manner was the University of Heidelberg. Working closely with Saresii specialists to define and evaluate Psionics, the University developed a series of Tests that determined the level of abilities of an individual. The test was based on a Saresii method but greatly expanded on. A compact standardized testing machine was developed and put into use. These tests and the associated Scale became simply known as the HPI and the Test Machine as the HPI Tester. A device every Union Citizen knows as it is used during the first day of school. The HPI test is so accurate and useful that the Saresii have it officially adopted as a Psionic Measuring tool, even the Kermac use it. The Narth of course found it a little crude but useful and interesting. The testing method has been refined with the advance of technology and science and the latest HPI testing is Narth approved.

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