Hilfheim ElhirHilfheim Elhir
Hilfheim Elhir

Full name:    Hilfheim Elhir
Gender:    Male
Birth date:    4965
Death date:    5020
Planet of Birth: Nilfeheim
Species: Terran Human , Race:Neo Viking
Place of Birth: Elhir Burg
Place of Death: Ragnarsson Rock
Union Citizen: Yes
Brother: Leif Elhir

Hilfheim Elhir is a male member of the Elhir Clan and is the brother to the Clan chief. Hilfheim is the chief for the Hunt Sub fleet of the Elhir Clan.
Hilfheim breaks a leg during a Tavern Brawl with Olafson men and as revenge drops a live Fangsnapper into the Yard of the Ragnarsson Burg .This causes the death of Gudrun (Elena's mother.)

Elena throws Hilfheim inside a den of young Fangsnappers and watches as he is torn appart.

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