Hip inners
Hip Inners‏‎

A sub culture and term for a defined life style. Hip Inners are generally adolescent beings of afluent background and can be found only in very large metropolitan centers and old well developed communities in Union core regions .

While there are many species involved in this life style choice, it is mostly humanoid species that partake.

A Hip Inner is defined by the latest fashion. gadgets and the latest music and trends.

Hip Inners have their own GalNet channels, shows and sites that define what is "In" and what is "out".

Some trends only last days,while others may linger for a few month.

This life style causes of course a serious financial drain  and  can only be maintained by kids of affulent backgrounds. 

The lifestyle was blamed by several parent groups for thefts and peer pressure crimes. 

Hip Inners are only one of manyn such life style groups.

It has shown that members never stay long in the Hip Inner club. In most cases they simply grow out of it. Individuals that have completed their 22 month and become full citizens 

are very rare associated with the Hip Inner life style.

A few might "graduate" to the "Jonses " and some slide down the path and become criminals, addicts, Creepers or even Non Cits and Gal Drifts .

It is not illegal to belong to a Hip Inner club or associate with this life style, but parents and legal guardians of minors often seek psycho assistance.

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