Born on Venus (Sol System) on the 6th of September, 4964

Venusian, Human 165 cm tall

Hiro Dent is the son of a famous Terran Japanese Ikebana artist Akura Hiro, his father and a Venusian

Admiral Hiro Dent

theology professor specializing in Kama Sutra , Elora Chung his mother. His parents strongly believe in communist socialist values and reject most expressions of force, violence and aggression. Even though it was determined that Hiro had a rare growth stinting gene, they did not want to interfere with nature and did not opt for genetic repairs.

He was an average student and his main teacher classified him as having low self esteem that he tried to mask with an overinflated ego. He begun studying Venusian art and broke off his studies after only four month, then he tried to become an Agricultural engineer and after that a gardener. After all this he enlisted in the United Stars Navy and managed to get accepted to the Academy after he completed basic training as an enlisted and reached the rank of Starman First Class.

Hiro completed the Academy with surprising ease and good results and then became an assistant Instructor at the Arsenal II Academy. After completing Instructor School he steadily rose through the ranks and always serving the Academy arm of the fleet until he reached the rank of Commodore.

Admiral Dent Edit

He served many years as Academy administration staff officer and when the position of Commandant for the Newport Academy became available, after the previous Commandant died, he was picked to take this posting.

Hiro put a strong stamp of his personal values on this Elite School and managed to increase the Newport Academies reputation for being an Elite School to the foremost position.

He reinstated the old Reagan Trophy contest.


Hiro Dent was found to be an agent of the Worm and his career and posting at Newport was a direct result of Worm manipulations, including the murder of Admiral Connors.

During the Reagan Trophy contest of 5019 he was instrumental in the abduction of Midshipman Olafson.

He was exposed and before he could be arrested he attempted to flee, but was decapitated by a thrown Alti-Karr knife and killed instantly by Midshipman Har Hi.

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