Born on March 12th, 4964 OTT on the original Olafson Rock.

Hogun Olafson, second brother to Isegrim Olafson and godfather to Eric Olafson. Married to Freydis Bredenberg.

Hogun Olafson is a native of Planet Nilfeheim and operates a local inn known as Hogun’s Inn.

He adopted the girl Exa in 5017 and became a father in 5021 when his wife gave birth to Eric Narth Olafson.

Known to only a handful individuals, Hogun is a Union Citizen. Hogun had spent time off world, served as a mercenary and fought in several wars and conflicts as a member of RAvE for 16 years.

Hogun is an excellent marksman and accomplished axe fighter and thrower.

He is known for his cooking and grilling skills and takes great delight in preparing for festivities.

Hogun stands almost exactly 7 feet tall (213 cm) and weights 220 kilos ( 485 pounds). He is considered one, if not the strongest man on Nilfeheim. He is very agile and has great endurance for his size.

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