Union Member Species since 4929 OTT - Native to the Coreward Sector. ( 2 Planet Expansion TL 5 before Union Membership)

The Holdians are a race of rodent like beings, sharing a distant common ancestry with the Daoine. Biologically they are marsupial mammals with part of the gestation period continuing in an external skin pocket. Despite stringent birth control measures (no longer enforced) their planetary population increased rapidly. The males grow slightly larger to a maximum of about 70 cm; while the females usually grow no larger than 55-60 cm. Females often sport white fur or areas with white fur. Males do not have white fur.

They have been an Independent Free Space civilization and was one of the Civilizations signing the treaty. Ever since the Holdian race ascended they had to fight, as other species usually seen them as harmless little fur balls that were easy to conquer or raid. The Holdians by necessity developed a strong military and good technology but they learned that being in Free Space made them even more a target to others. Especially the Togar as they consider the Holdians “delicious hunt food”.

Knowing that they could not survive a Togar full assault (that was planned and put into action), they travelled to Pluribus and asked for an Emergency membership process and for help. The Assembly voted for their admission in an emergency session and the Union Fleet was dispatched to protect the Holdian Home world and their two colonies. The Togar spotting the Union Fleet high tailed it back to Togar space.

The Holdians are active Union Members and took advantage of the Union Colonist Bureau and almost two billion Holdians were resettled to new Colonies all over Union Space. Holdians can be found in any occupation and are considered good engineers and to be hard workers.

Holdian Expansion Edit

The Holdians Ascended on their own approximately 10,000 years ago. Holdians experienced severe over population problems. Like Earth's First Exodus, the Holdians sent out Ark ships without pre-selected targets or destinations. They were simply sent out to find a suitable place to colonize.

While records of that time are incomplete, it is estimated 500 Million Holdians left during the first 100 years and about 3 billion Holdians left their home planet in the first 500 years of their Ascent.

The Holdians colonized every rock core planet in their system and expanded their empire over 16 solar systems.

Genetic alterations and mutations created several Off-spring species such as the Daoine, Norak and Dolbran. It is considered likely to find other species with Holdian DNA.

Evidence has been found on many planets with failed Holdian Colonies. The Ruins of Gargar for example are such a failed Holdian Colony.

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