Horus Beamer

Horus beamer
Union Member technology – Weapons - TL 7Saran

The so called Horus Beamer is a laser pulse weapon developed and used by the Saran society. The design and looks of the weapon have not changed in over 10,000 years. The technology has been improved over the long time.

The weapon is carried and used much like a gauntlet or glove and covers much of the underarm of a human user.

The outer housing is gilded and decorated with synthetic feathers and gem stones (the weapons of high ranking officers and weapons given as badge of honor are often decorated with real feathers and very expensive gem stones.

The weapon has always been part of parade and honor units and was never intended to be used in battle.

The original Horus Beamer, a weapon of TL 9 and part of a cache of weapons from a advanced and long gone civilization is still in the Queens treasure chamber. And has only recently been revealed and made available to Xeno Tech engineers)

Horus Beamers are also highly collectable and antique weapons with a history ( known to belong to a famous Saran etc) have been known to fetch million credits and more at auctions.

The actual weapon technology is a straight forward: Nuclear battery powered pulse laser. Unique to the weapon is the fire path ionizer tunnel. A light speed force field tunnel of about 5-10 meters length that lights up the beam path with bright red light just before the weapon is fired. It is intended to make the beam path visible and aid the shooter targeting the weapon.

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