The United Stars of the Galaxies is the only known Multi-cutltural-multi species society that deploys and maintains a fleet of hospital ships.

The Hospital ship fleet is under the command of the Science Council - Health and Medical Division, ship officers and crew come form the Fleet.

Hospital ships are unarmed (except for Point defense weaponry) but have strong shielding and fast engines..

Hospital ships are marvels of Union medical engineering and feature state of the art lab facilities.

Usually there is one Hospital ship to every Union fleet, some Union Fleets may have two or three. (the First Fleet has four), but there are also fleet independent operating hospital ships, mostly patroling the fringe areas of Union space to render medical assistance to colonies that don't have extensive medical facilities of their own. Able to treat hunderd thousand patients and more, these ships also respond to epidemics and similar humanitarian cathastrophies.

The Quadi Peds have joined the Union because of the existence of Hospital ships.

Many non Union societies have called for Union Medical assistance and recieved it without any conitions.

Note: There are also several civilian Organizatons that operate Hospital ships like the New Catholic Church, the new Order of the Hospitalers, Ult-Care-too.Inc, Galactic Samariter Bund, Galactic Red Cross

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