House Suppor

The House of Suppor is an Old Thauran Noble Family able to trace its ancestry all the way to the Settlers Arks from Earth. The History of the Thauran Noble houses is wild, full of intrigue, murder and open war and the House of Support was always involved one way or another. Never able to put a Suppor on the Azure Throne they supported the wrong side during the last War of ascension to the Azure Throne and fell out of favor with the court. When the Grandfather of the current King married a Suppor Daughter and later executed her for “unspecified charges of treason” so he could marry another woman, it further eroded the cloud and the influence of the House Suppor. Since almost all business in the Thauran Kingdom (both legit and illegal) is controlled by Noble Houses and in Turn by “Court Favors” the House Suppor fell on hard times. The last male Head of the Family was charged by Federal Police with smuggling of illegal wares and selling Military Hardware to a known enemy of the Union. The Charges could be proven by the testimony of the oldest son and the records and evidence he kept. The House Suppor fell further and is kept alive and from disintegrating by a female member of the House who doesn't have the same powers and influence as a man. However there seems to be light at the end of the Tunnel for the Suppor family as a Suppor is in line to become the High Pope of the Blue Virgin and virtually even more powerful than the Emperor himself.

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