Active ingredient
Active ingredient
Hydrocortisone, USP 1%

for the temporary relief of itching associated with minor skin irritations, inflammation, and rashes due to:

eczema      •insect bites      •poison ivy      •poison oak      •poison sumac      •soaps
•jewelry      •detergents       •cosmetics       •psoriasis          •seborrheic dermatitis
•for external genital, feminine and anal itching
•other uses of this product should be only under the advice and supervision of a doctor

When using this product
•avoid contact with the eyes   •do not begin the use of any other hydrocortisone product unless directed by a doctor

•for external anal itching:   •do not use more than directed unless directed by a doctor   

•do not put this product into the rectum by using fingers or any mechanical device or applicator

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