Inferno Crawler
Inferno Crawler

Non Sentient Life Form of Green Hell

These 6-8 cm tall spider like insectoids are the "natural" [1] enemy of the Green Hell Dragon Ants . Like all Green Hell life forms this species has no genetic ties to any other known Green Hell life form and it appears its natural abilities have been artificially enhanced.

The Inferno Crawler can emit an explosion of a powdery extremely corrosive and poisonous substance.

The substance is highly lethal and causes third degree burns on contact.

The powder is known as Fire Powder and is synthesized by SII- Chemicals into a chemical weapon spray.( Fire Powder Spray ) A military strength "Pepper Spray "

[1] The Union Science Corps came to the conclusion that none of the life forms on Green Hell are truly native but had been introduced and genetic altered by an unknown entity.

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