Iridium Coins

Intergalactic trade that goes beyond simple ware exchange as well as the payment for srrvices requires a currency easily accepted by most everyone. In Free and Open space it has been found that Rad Shielded Polo Coins and Iridium Slivers are the most common and accepted payment form.  The use of Polonium (Rad Shielded) Coins is deemed to dangerous within the Union, and many local planets prohibit the posession or the casual transport. To facilitate trade and allow those who have no access to Union Bank accounts, who are not Union Citizens or who live and work outside the Union rely on the Union Iridium Coins. (Can be ordered at any bank) and can be ordered with customized imprint/ stamping. The coins are made of 100% Iridium and come in 3 sizes:

  • Union Iridium Full Weight  - 100 grams -100 Credits
  • Union Iridium Half Weight  - 50 grams - 50 Credits
  • Union Iridium Quarter Weight  25 grams - 25 Credits

Technically Not coins :

  • Union Iridium Bloc -1000 grams - 1000 Cr
  • Union Iridium Sliver - 10 Grams - 10 Credits

There are a few Union Worlds where much of the local commerce is done in Iridium Coins.( i. e Nilfeheim)