Peter Baker uses this weapon to shoot and kill the genetic monsters released by the Freons in New York (2014) *


50 Cal BMG Handgun

The Jesus Cannon

Bob Stewart (of Mesa, AZ), a devout Mormon, named his .50 cal. kits (a low-cost package of parts which one could assemble with some machining to build a .50 cal. firearm -- more typically a rifle -- without a serial number) ‘Maadi-Griffin,’ in reference to the powerful mythical creature of ancient Egypt often used to symbolize Christ’s ascension. Cynics have referred to the Maadi-Griffin (mostly in rifle form) as the "Jesus Cannon ."

The long saga of Stewart's run-in with the authorities (which came to a head with a raid on his home shop in 1999) is beyond the scope of this post. A.C.E will probably post on it eventually, after doing more thorough research.

Here's the latest news A.C.E has seen, as of this posting.

The unregistered firearms made from his kits are still out there, and the authorities don't know the whereabouts of many of them.

The authorities are not as worried about the "militias" (who have most of the assembled M-G kits) as they are the "lone wolves" like Timothy McVeigh who interpret the message and mission of the militias incorrectly and commit terrorist acts which kill innocents.

(*) Reference GC 3

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