Jolaj Grotha,the
Jolaj Grotha

(spoiler alert: Events are hinted that are beyond Galactic Chronicles IX)

AKA: Jolaj of Grotha, the daughter of light, Malmoru, The White Fur Togar

White furred Togar female.

She is the living incarnation of the Light ray spirit Malmoru (who is one of the seven Knights of Light). She was born to a priestess

At first she was recognized as the reincarnation of a God and educated and treated as such. However the High Priestess of Grotha feared that when Jolaj comes of age she would replace her. As what use was a Priestess or a priest caste if one of the Gods was living among the people?

She conspired against Jolaj and fabricated an elaborate ruse to make Jolaj the most wanted Togar. She manipulated the facts of Jolaj’s birth and made the queen think Jolaj was actually sent by the Dark Spirits to kill the queen.

Jolaj managed to flee with the help of her teacher, but only to end up as a slave.

Jolaj was rescued by Erica Olafson and the crew of the Tigershark.

There she became a Med-Tech and later advanced and became a Medical Doctor.

The prophecy revealed to the Queen as a dream comes true, as Erica disguised as a Togar Female kills the Togar Queen.

In that final battle, when the Dark One is about to destroy all that is Togar. Jolaj is coming into her own and the goddess in her awakens. She manages to prevent the destruction of the Togar Empire. Jolaj does not remain on Togr Prime to be worshipped, but has the Togar join the Union, ruled by an elected parliament instead of a monarchy.

She leaves Togr and returns to be an officer in the United Stars Fleet as a Medical Officer.

Jolaj commands a Hospital Vessel for several years and then teaches medicine for several more decades at the Union Med School.

She must return in her Godlike persona as Malmoru one more time as the Dark One finally awakes.

There are no official records of what happens to Jolaj after the Event of the Decision.

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