Thor and Jormungandr last battle

Jormungandr – The Mortal Enemy of Thor
Jormungandr was the son of Loki the trickster and a giantess. This made him become the brother of Wolf Fenrir and Hel the God of Death.
The Jormungandr figure in Norse myth was illustrated as a serpent-like creature, his appearance resembled a dragon a lot though. Odin the Allfather cursed this dragon into the deep ocean where he grew huge enough to encircle the whole Midgard . In the dark and deep ocean lay the dragon who was waiting for the days of Ragnarok to come. Finally, the moment Jormungandr released his tail was a harbinger of Ragnarok. On doom days, Jormungandr accompanies his father and brother to come to Asgard . Jormungandr used his terrible breath to poison the whole sky. Thor and Jormungandr fought each other. The god finally slew Jormungandr but he too was killed by the venom of the dragon. What made his name was his connection with the death of Thor the powerful God of Thunder and Storm.
Both of the dragons had a direct link to the most draconic disaster in Norse myth; however, the ending of the myth was not so much bitter. Because after all, there were still signs of rebirth and beginning again.

Midgard Serpent Jormungandr

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