Second planet of the Kalha System.
Kaliment is claimed by both the Kartanian and the Togar. While the system is closer to the Togar Empire as it is to the Kartanian Conglomerate, it used to be in unclaimed space.
The discovery of vast deposits of Kalimun (a valuable crystalline form of magnetite) made both sites claim the world and establish permanent settlements there. The planet is by treaty split in half by a deep trench they had blasted into the crust of the planet from one pole to the other.
Both sides are ready for a fight and open hostilities are very likely. The smallest spark could set off this powder keg and erupt in all-out war.
Kaliment itself is a fairly unremarkable planet. It has a cold climate that barely rises above minus ten degrees on the C scale and can drop to minus fifty on the pole regions.
Other than algae, plankton and a variety of amoeba, Kaliment has no native life.
The planet has a diameter of 5,300 km and no local moon. The land-water ratio is fifty-fifty. The oceans are deep and cold and have a high salt content.
Other than the Kalimun there are no significant resources and thus no other industry. The world has two spaceports one on Togar and one on Kartanian side.
The world also acts as a gateway to the few travelers and the sporadic commerce between the two sides.

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