The Kermac are a race of humanoids with varying degrees of Psionic abilities. They are a relatively old species originating from the planet Kroken which they abandoned for unknown reasons. Several different subspecies evolved on their home planet, but the Ker and the Mac were most prominent eventually joining forces and oppressing all others. They are, in general, a very arrogant and lazy species and would rarely do something for themselves when they can force someone else to do it for them.

The Kermac have humanoid features and originally had grey-ish skin, but social standing was often determined by how pale their skin was. Generations later with much artificial whitening and tailoring they now have an extremely white skin tone.

To enhance their psionic abilities, they apply False Beards with psi-enhancers "disguised" inside.

Both the Blue and the Golden are related to the Kermac, but have both been banished and are despised in Kermac society.

The Kermac were also members of the first Galactic Council, but when the Kermac began to use Psionic devices to enthrall the other members of the Council the first Council was effectively made void and several prominent species withdrew. To this day the Galactic Council is still controlled through this way, and is merely a front for the Kermac agenda.
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Kermac False Beard 1)Psi Power Enhancer 2)Psi Wave Link 3)Psi Shield 4)Manual Controls 5)Face 6)Surgical Glue 7)Power Supply 8)Power Adapter 9)Neuro Ripper

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