Kermac Line Blasters

Most common weapon of the Galactic Council. More or less unchanged weapon principle and layout for 10,000 years or more. Very reliable
The Line blasters focus light of the entire spectrum from ultraviolet to infrared via a force field tunnel into the target. Due to the established force field tunnel, the weapon beam can actually be seen. (Most Union laser based weapons have invisible beams and use pulses)
Depending on the model the beam is either bright withe, somewhat red or bright blue. Kermac use the same weapon system for miniature versions built into rings, jewelry, false beards as well as Ship based cannons. About 500 years age did the Kermac (via the X 101 while they were under Kermac influence) develop a FTL version of the Line Blaster (Ship size).
Line Blasters are around for so long and can be found virtually everywhere and in many shapes and conditions. For Union Citizens it is not illegal to own a line blaster, and the most common models are all considered Class III and legal obtainable and own able on most planets and member societies, but generally frowned at as being primitive and weak.
The Kermac are well aware that the Union TKU is much more powerful, but to replace their own Line Blaster technology with something Union Terran would be an admission that Union Tech is better, something the Kermac would never do.

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