Klack Queen

All Queen

The Klack have developed from a strict Hive society with an absolute monarch (Queen) on top. But slowly the concept of individualism has seeped into the Klack society and the last 500 queens have greatly encouraged this trend. With individualism came invention, development and the Klack advanced much faster than before. The Queen, however, is still the absolute center of their society and her will is law. Klack Queens declared themselves Union Citizens and thus made Union law the law of Klack. Every Klack Settlement or new colony has a Queen that is a direct daughter of the All Queen on Klackt. Local Queens have little political or social power and are still more or less egg laying machines. There is a slow and steady decline of local queens in favor of a new breed that has been created by the All Queen, called the Traveling Egg Mothers. Allowing Klack to “order” Offspring no matter where they are. (See Traveling Egg Mothers)

The All Queen is about 10 -12 times the size of a normal clack and has a superior intellect and a long lifespan of about 200-500 years. All Queens are telepathically gifted and can connect to Klack no matter how far they are, but to use telepathy on non-Klack, the queen must see the individual.

A Klack queen married a human Starship captain and their union was the beginning of the Klack/ Union friendship and the subsequent event of the Klack joining the Union. Their 96 years Union is still a subject of great legends and stories and the ultimate symbol that Klack and Humans can be friends,. The current queen is the most active in terms of political involvement, travel and social affairs, She is the first queen in thousands of years that travels in person and leaves Klackt. She makes frequent use of the ancient Traveling Tub , one of the most valuable Antiques and artifacts of the known Universe. The Council of Union Nobles decreed that the Klack Queen is the most royal and noble of them all and deserves the highest rank of honor (See Nobles and the Union)

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