Knights of lights
Knights of Light

aka the Sons of Lumis

( Work group OLYMPUS Classification: Class 6)

There are conflicting reports and unsubstantiated witness accounts of sightings and encounters of these beings all across the M-0 Galaxy .

The most substantial report comes from Shea Schwartz during her time on Sin 4 . Where she witnessed the clash between such a Knight of Light and what was believed a member of the Brotherhood of Sateer . During that clash, the member of the brotherhood killed or vanquished the Knight of light and gave Shea Schwartz the sword of the Knight as a present.

The Sword is clearly a product of a TL 12 society.

Workgroup Olympus File 445 – Knights of Light – Classified Dossier -

Lord Lumis , a survivor of a previous Universe ( Entity Classification : Class 5 )

recruited 24 individuals after he arrived in this Universe and gave them great powers and abilities. Their goal was to find the 12 tokens of power and destroy them or if that was impossible, to prevent the reincarnation of the Dark One .

They saw themselves as the Ultimate Defenders of Life ,Light and the “Greater Good”. In their obsession they committed many atrocities and crimes.

After they learned that 5 members of the Brotherhood of Sateer also survived (The mortal enemies of their Master Lord Lumis they made engaged in a crusade to kill and destroy these five members of the Brotherhood.

One of them founded the First Legion . Another becomes the God of the Tomradi and makes them a society of Collectors. One of them creates the UNI

During the ages 16 Knights of Light perished. Eight remained. One is killed by Lt. Har-Hi another is killed by Erica Olafson before she becomes the Dark One.

The rest is slain by the Dark One after his resurrection (During his encounter with Lord Lumis)

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