Second Planet in the Kokenker System. Union Planet

Koken is a Planet on the galactic rim of the Sagittarius Arm in the Coreward Quadrant of the Milky Way Galaxy.
It was the planet of origin for the Ker, who after a Civil War abandoned the world to follow the “Call of the Spirit of the Universe to settle on their new world, Kermac Prime)
(The original Ker were divided into five races, mostly differentiated by skin color, size and Psionic Abilities. The Ker (Grey Skin), the Mar (Grey Skin), The Blue (Blue Skin), the Golden (coppery Skin). The Ker and the Mar merged into the Kermac and nearly exterminated the Blue and the Golden. )

He planet is classified a Garden World Type 2E. Desert-like with very little surface water. The Planet was guarded by the Siucra (a forgotten Thrall Species of the Kermac) The Siucra did this by occupying Koken Moon and never set foot on the world itself.
The Planet was discovered during the short Siucra –Union War of 5016 by Union Forces and initial Surveys found technical evidence that the UNI had occupied or used the planet even before the Ker developed. Several Caches of UNI technology, as well as the Shafts of Knowledge , have been discovered there.
The planet has very little in terms of native life and appears almost sterile.
The World is currently designated a Union Fleet Base, but it is under the authority of the Science Corps. A large Camp of temporary buildings containing labs, shops, recreation and living quarters for a community of scientists, archeologists, scholars and a large Fleet Security Content.
To find the former home world of a major Union Enemy filled with ancient Super Tech from the UNI made Koken a world of Strategic importance and the System is now heavily guarded.
Civilian Access is only possible after extensive screening and “need to be there” reasons.

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