LSDS - abreviation for Left sugars - Dual DNA.
Meaning beings of this consumer category are able to  consume bio sourced food that comes from either left or right turning carbon based DNA. But can not digest right handed sugar molecules for nutrition.
Union Food must be labeled according to it.

The term chiral in general is used to describe an object that is not superposable on its mirror image. Achiral(not chiral) objects are objects that are identical to their mirror image. Human hands are perhaps the most universally recognized example of chirality.
The DNA helix may turn left or right and the lifeforms of a planet usually share all the same DNA base direction (Left or right).
The same holds true for sugars. Carbon based life forms usually consume foods that are sugar based. Sugar molecules also turn either left or right. A life form that takes nutrition from left turning sugars is unable or less able to process and thus derive nutrition from right turning sugars (and vice versa)

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