Leif Halstroem

Union Citizen, Native to Planet Nilfeheim, Race Affiliation :Human Terran

son of a little known and young clan living in Oresund, a fisher village located on the permanent ice of the southern pole of Planet Nilfeheim .

Not willing to let the tradition of the First Born son keep him down, he managed to get a 100,000 Credit grant from the Business Development fund of the Trade and Business Council of the Assembly and started a Flicker Crab farm.

He was punished by the Council of Elders led by Erik Gustav Ragnarsson for not observing the tradition and ask his oldest brother for permission to do so first.

Leif was flogged by his older brother in public and expelled from the Halstroem Clan. He managed to get another grant and started his Crab farming business again, independent and without any clan association.

Haelstroem Crabs today is a successful business operation averaging 1,4 million credits profit annually.

(when his brother was maimed by a Fangsnapper and needed to be flown to the Union Clinic and Leif was the only one in Oresund with a flyer, he refused and his brother died.)

Note: Erik Gustav tells Eric about this incident and it made Eric question the motivs and convictions of his grandfather

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