Letha crawler
Letha Crawler

Space Vermin of unknown origin, common on Sin 4 . Common infestations on many Freespace and Open Space worlds Virtually unknown within the Union.

Letha Crawlers are not "true Space Vermin" as they can not survive exposed to space (for more than an five or six minutes), but have a high tolerance to temperatures and atmospheric conditions.

They feed on almost anything organic and have a venomous bite, that is lethal to most carbon based life forms.

Union Auto Docs are able to synthesize an anti dote. 

The Letha Crawlers have a long life span and can go into a suspended animation hibernation state and survive for years without food.

Trade is permitted within the Union, by licenced life form dealers but must conform to Union Bio form propagation laws and rules.

Classified as a Type III harmful bio form.

The Balongs of Andromeda ( Union Member species 5004) do buy them as a delicacy. No other known Union Species or society developed a demand

Of course there are life form collectors who occationally buy one,

Venus Zoo - Exhibit 4400 has a colony of Letha Crawlers on display.

Average Letha Crawler grows to about human hand size.

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