Light ray spirit Malmoru22
Lightray spirit Malmoru

Deity and God in the Togar Parthenon

Malmoru is the highest and most powerful male deity of the Togar Spirit God Religion and portrayed as one who can't do wrong and always fights for the good and the right things. He is strong and heroic and an expression of Light worship found in many cultures. He once fathered a White Togar with a Priestess 12,000 Years ago and this Daughter became the first Togar Queen . According to recent legend, he did that again and fathered a White Furred Daughter that is supposed to protect the Togar from the Darkness of Evil. A typical religious “World End” Prophecy speaks of an Event where the Light Ray Spirit and all the Togar Spirit Gods are destroyed by the Dark Devourer but the Togar with the Fur of innocence, his daughter would come to the rescue in the darkest hour.

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