The Lofdhal clan is a young or new Clan that had been founded by Sigmund Lofdhal, the thrid Son of the Lindgren clan eighty years ago. (Sigmund choose the maiden name of his mother as he founded his own clan.) Clan chiefs of New Clans have a seat in the Council of Chiefs, but can not elect elders. (A right reserved to Old Clans). The Lofdhal Clan maintains a "Burg" on the main island Midgard and on the outskirts of Halstaad Fjord. The Burg is more of a large house than a real burg.

The Lofdahl Clan, despite its small size, cultural and social unimportance, is a very wealthy new Clan, farming and selling Sea-Weed, Kelp and products made of Kelp and Sea-Weed.

Colors : Green, White and Red

Clan signia : Three leaf Sea Weed

Current Clan Chief : Paul Lofdahl

Noteable members: Yngve Lofdahl

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