​​​​​​​Lord Bart pointed his spoon at me. "It is you who is the bimbo. A charlatan, a gold digger and con artist most likely. Who are you exactly?"
I looked up."I am who I am and I don't see the need to supply you with answers to so rudely and insulting asked questions, but rest assured, I remember your words."
Lady Ann put her hand on his shoulder. "She will remember who she is when we have her arrested."
Carmen Smites, draining yet another glass of orange juice, that was fortified with vodka laughed almost hysterically. "Handcuffs will look so much better on your wrists than the diamond bracelets you stole from her Grace, no doubt."
I kept smiling cold ."I on the other hand wonder if they offer rehab and AA meetings in prison. Alcohol is scarce in jail, so I have been told."
Peter could not take his eyes off the forest green satin blouse I wore, Because of the underbust bra, he could see my nipples through the smooth thin material.
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