The moon

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Union World -Sol System

The expansion of Earth's humankind onto every colonizable piece of stellar real estate begun only a year after the Sarans revealed themselves and made technology of TL 3 available to the Humans on Earth in 2089 and reached its climax in 3001[1].

It comes as no surprise that the Moon (now officially called Luna since there are many moons) was the very first colonized world. Terra Humans had visited Earth's moon long before the Sarans arrived and the first base intended to be permanent was established near the Lunar South Pole prior to 2089, but large scale construction began on December 20, 2091 just a few months after the Sarans arrived.

The robot bomb factories and the launch facilities for them was the largest construction and engineering project humankind had attempted to that day[2].  More than 12 million engineers and workers were shuttled to the Moon working on Project Raid. In less than 30 years, the Moon was transformed from a silent lifeless world to one of the busiest industrial worlds of United Earth.

Today there are over 22 Cities with populations of over 3 million each and the overall population counts over 166 Million citizens[3].

The largest city and capitol is Armstrong. Tycho Port is the second largest and the site of the Class A space port of the Moon. Earth moved almost all of its manufacturing industry off planet and the Moon was the first destination for Heavy Industrial sites, especially space ship construction. Luna remains a heavy industrialized world but ship construction is no longer its focus.

Earth Defense Guard maintains a big base on the moon, with 2000 of the latest Wolfcraft Fighter. Tycho Port is the traditional home port of the USS Shetland.

Luna is connected via Trans Matter Tunnels with Earth, Mars, Venus and Sol Hub. Even though plans existed to Terra-form the Moon, it has never been done and now it is not deemed necessary. Only about 5% of the installations on Luna are on it's surface under domes with the rest being entirely underground.


  1. While humans of Terran origin going to new colonies is an ongoing process, they are no longer coming from Earth alone.  Since 3500, over half the humans of Terran origin going to new colonies have come from older colonies.
  2. Project Raid was the prelude to Operation Steam Roller that obliterated every known Xunx World only three decades later
  3. Natives of Luna call themselves Selenians (from the Greek name for the Moon) but Terrans call them “Loonies” (from Luna).
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