Maggot stir

Maggots and Chives

Local dish on New Africa , Planet

Maggots and Chives -Prepared 88-767484-NA

Safe to most Carbon based LDLS consumers. Protein and carbohydrates, fats, salts and carbon based sugars.

As with all food sourced not from your native society, caution is advised. Your Grocery Expert or GaLNet can give advise. According to the “To Each its own Assembly act of 3445. You are responsible for what you eat.”


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A dish that in various forms traces back to Pre Astro Earth (Asian and African Regions). It is enjoyed by a wide group of Union Species. It is the most popular imported food among the Tinkehel and serveral avian based life forms. Traditional the maggots come from a Terran Insect, the Musca domestica but other related flies have been used.

Nubabe's Musca domestica Farms on New Africa is the chief breeder and producer of this fly and maggot. An Archa Ice crème (Musca Gelati ) is popular with the Archanoids. It is one of the few solid foods eaten by the Klack . Especially the Black Klack consume and import large quantities (Making Maggot production the Main industry of New Africa)

Nuabe Farms produces prepacked food item. Among them the popular Maggots and Chives Stir Fry.

Stir the maggot

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