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Magnitude System

The Magnitude System is apart of the United Stars of the Galaxies and located in the Upward Sector, Former Nogoll Quadrant. It's only planet, Factory, is the home planet of the X101 and Mother Machine.

The star, Magnitude, is a type F White Dwarf Class IV (Uncommon). According to the latest Wurgus observations, Magnitude is healthy and stable.

The System features Union Fleet base, District Court, Federal Police Base, Class A Spaceport, and Space Train station, completed in 5034.

Interstellar traffic is handled by Magnitude Port, a Gigamon Class Space Station). Traffic between Factory and Magnitude Port is handled via shuttle craft and Transmatter Tunnels.

Magnitude is heavily defended and all traffic within 5 light years is closely monitored.

Immigration and Tourism Edit

Union Citizens are welcome and free to immigrate without difficulties. Non Cits (such as Gal Drifts) are not welcome on Magnitude Port and prohibited from Factory. Members of Non Union species and civilizations are prohibited from entering the System. Diplomatic envoys must travel to Pluribus and may visit the X101 Cultural Pavilions for official or private visits. Tourism is encouraged and considered essential by Mother Machine to further integrate the X101’s into the Union Mega Civilization, but only Union Citizens are welcome.

Points of Interest Edit

Monument of Freedom - Commemorating the rescue of Mother Machine by Union Recon Marines. 1000 Meter tall Obelisk made of pure Platinum.

Current 4 – Large Underground river, partially flowing through tremendous beautiful caves.

Styx Beach – Current 4 a large underground river flows through a large underground lake (Styx Lake) and there is an always foggy mystical looking pebble beach, illuminated by luminescent algae that is a favorite tourist destination especially for Goths and similar Societies.

Mother Machine Museum – An extensive and very well organized museum displaying artifacts and items about the X101 history.

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