The Makers55

The Makers

The recorded history of the X101's begins with the series 101 explorer. The first mobile sentient machine machines previous lacked true sentience.

While organic sentient beings develop over millennia of evolution usually out of a dominant life form of their own world. Machines need a maker, someone who made the first machine. The X101 are no exception and before they became self-aware and self replicating, someone had to built that first robot factory. The Sentmac became self aware long after the Original Creators have vanished. These mysterious makers left a fully automatic factory behind gave it only one command: Build and improve robots. The makers are kin to gods in the eyes of the Sentmac and called “THE MAKERS”

Mother Machine and therefore all X101’s are convinced that the Makers were Humanoid most likely even Human as X101’s have human form.

The first contact with another civilization was with the Kermac who took advantage of the trusting and welcoming Mother Machine and enslaved the entire race by placing a bomb inside the Brain housing of Mother Machine.

Mother Machine was freed during the 4th Galactic War by a Special Forces commando team from Terra.

The team was led by a Homo Stellaris and due to the close resemblance between X101 and Homo Stellaris, Mother Machine was convinced that Terrans, who created the Stellaris, were also the creators of the X101’s.

Since then Mother Machine has learned that it could not have been the Terrans as they did not have the technology to create something like the first Factory when the first X101 was built. However Mother Machine is firmly convinced that Terrans and X101 have the same roots and she believes the Celtest are THE MAKERS and Terrans a forgotten Celtest Colony.

Connextor, an X101 founded the Church of the Makers on Pluribus in 4429. While Mother Machine did not officially sanction the creation of a Religion she is pleased by it and finds that the creation of a Religion is an important step of X101 development and allowed the construction of a Maker Temple on Factory. Mother Machine herself is not a member of that religion as she does not think the Makers were gods or beings with omnipotent powers able to influence reality, but there are about 221 Million X101 members and an astounding 18 Million Non X101 believers that regularly worship and congregate in Church of the Makers Temples around the Union.

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