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The Mar

When the UNI fled the M-0 Galaxy after angering the Transport who alarmed the Master's Hunters they paused on Koken Planet to leave their seed with a worthy species and they found it in the arrogant Ker (one of five races that developed on that planet) . The Uni increased the natural PSI abilities of the Ker and placed the Shafts of Knowledge (the combined knowledge of the UNI) into their possession and left. The Ker who regarded the UNI as Gods considered themselves more important than the other races and did not share the gifts they got (much of which they did not understand) and begun a systematic genocide to eradicate all natives of the Planet Koken that were not Ker and did not have white skin. (The Mac were black, the Mar were green, the Golden had yellowish skins and the Blue had a deep cobalt skin tone). All five subspecies of the same genus had reached Tech Level 4 at that time, but the Ker having Uni Weapons and superior Psionics were close to their goal of wiping the others out.

The Mar devised a cunning plan

and disguised themselves as the UNI (using the abandoned UNI base on Koken Moon ) and gave the Ker “new instructions”. The Mar were not able to use the Equipment correctly and their new instructions were altered by the Uni Machines and instead of “Cease all Hostilities” the Instructions became .” Find the Uni Homeworld and take possession of it. It is yours.” That the real Uni had no Home world because they were a Unification of several species was unknown to the Ker. They believed the Instructions for real. The Ker allowed the Mac to join if they changed their DNA to become white. They made the Mar into a slave race that would later become the basis of the Plato . The Blue and the Golden left the planet as well. (The Blue went to Andromeda ) and the Golden became the nomadic merchants they have been until today. The Ker and the Mac became the Kermac and moved to the new planet “Kermac Prime ”. Where they found the ruins of an ancient super civilization (they thought were left there by the UNI). (See the: Ancient Ruins of Kermac Prime )

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