Mardo glyph
Mar-Do Tribe

Old Dai-Thaan tribe that was famous for the development and use of battle suits. The Mar-Do Tribe is one of the Dai-Than tribes that used one of the ancient gates to leave the Milky Way Galaxy.

Their suits are still available as rare treasures among the remaining Dai.

The Mar-Do were also known for their renowned Assassin Society and skilled Killers.

Har-Hi’s tribe is related to the Mar-Do tribe.

Erica Olafson and the Crew of the Tigershark encounter the Mar-Do tribe in the LEO II galaxy.

Erica Olafson is named an honorary member of the Do-tham Assassins and the Mar-Do tribe, after killing Nor-Do and returning the rightful heir to the Clan leader role. The Mar-Do tribe becomes a Union Member in 2029 and the first Union Member Society in the LEO II Galaxy.

(See Mar-Dohtar)

Picture shows a typical Mar-Do Suit


Har Hi whispered in my ear piece and said without moving the jaws of his fierce canine predator mask. "That is a ancient Assassin armor suit, the Mar-Do tribe was famous for, he wears it in a way that I am certain he knows how to use it, but he is no pure blood Dai from the looks of it."

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