Keel laid in 3400 the first purpose built Explorer of the United Stars – The Marco Polo Class has been since replaced by the Vaco Gama Class but are virtually unchanged in shape and purpose. |These 800 meter units are equipped with state of the art lab facilities for virtualy all science brances. They have the finest optical telescopes and long range sensor suites. The first 100 Explorers were lightly armed but always well shielded. Instead of Wolfcraft Fighter and Landing Tanks there are Long Range Gazelle Recon Crafts and MULE (Multi Use Laboratory Explorers) Shuttles. Range is extended with an enlarged Engineering Section able to switch and serve ISAH pods (must be landed on a planet) and a MolGas Refinery. Standard Compliment : 10 Officers, 100 Navy Enlisted , 1000 Scientists and Mission Specialists

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