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Marine recruits‏‎

While there is a mandatory 22 months of Union Service to be completed by any individual that wants to become a Union Citizen . (Instead of being a Union Resident ) there is no Draft into any of the branches of the Armed Services.  There are many paramilitary and civilian options where one can complete the 22 Months Union Service.
While both the Union Army and the Union Border Control  allows for 22 Months service which is counted as a completion for the requirement, Neither Union Space Force , Union Spatial Navy nor the United Stars Marine Corps have 22 Months stints available. 
The Union Marine Corps has a minimum commitment of 36 months but generally accepts recruits only if they sign a minimum of 48 months.

A Union Marine Recruit a step above a Marine Poolee but it is not a rank. A Marine Recruit spends the 16 Weeks of Boot Camp without rank, and is not considered a Marine until graduation where the recruit is presented with a gold pin and the right to carry the title Union Marine.
(OCS - Officer candidates : The treatment and training of Marine Corps Officers has drastically changed from its early forms. All recruits - Enlisted or Officers) must first undergo at least 8 weeks of Bootcamp before Officers can go their seperate way and enter Officer Candidates School (OCS) OCS is similar to the "Academies" of other Branches.
A Marine recruit in OCS may be able to earn "Academy Ranks:

A Marine Recruit (E-1) earns 1800 Credits/ Mo but unlike Navy, Army, Space Force or Border Control, Marine Recruits do not get any leave of absence (before Graduation) and thus have no way to spend it. Technically most recruits look at a lump-sum of ‭28,800‬ Credits at the end of Boot Camp.

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