Individual member of the species Wheeze. Presumed to be native to the Leo II galaxy.
Meeze was first encountered by TheOther during its ordeals at the Crucible. Meeze assisted TheOther and the crew of the Tigershark.
Meeze sort of remained aboard. 
Admiral McElligott made him a Crew-member while he was visiting Christmas base.

Meeze is about 130 cm long and has annelid character. Meeze appears to be a true omnivore as it consumes all types of meat...usually raw. He speaks with a lisp and has no quarrel telling others how stupid they are.

While he might appear silly, Meeze is a damn good engineer, even tough an unorthodox one, by Union standards. Meeze does miracles with Stick-and-Fix, tin cans, gaffer tape and bits of cords.[1]

Listen to Circuit's ( the only non-Narth engineer who has access to Narth's technology ) tells us about Mr.Meeze:

Circuit - "Mr. Meeze did you repair the Wave Cannon with Stick-and-Fix and a kitchen spatula for pancakes?"

Meeze - "Yeehz, anz iz workzd. Big Boohmz cutz ze baz onez".

Meeze is especially fond of the Big Boohmz, also knows as The SPDWG weapon system (experimental).

Above all, Meeze is utterly loyal to his CO, Ekika Olafson, and his friends, crewmembers of the Tigarshark.

On a side note, Meeze is also well known for his culinary skills and the many experiences with combining diverse, and often xeno, aliments. True, he wouldn't have been engaged by Paul Bocuse ( old and forgotten Chef from France, back in Terran pre Union era, XX century, OTT).

Still, Meeze is a legend in the culinary circles of the "New molecular Cuisine". He's revered in all the chic Restaurants of the "Rive Gauche' de Paris. ( Terra, Europe, France, Paris )

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[1] We know, from Luc, that Meeze is of the Mora.

Luc nodded. "And (...). Not to mention the descendants of the most formidable engineers known as the Mora. Inconspicuous worm-like creatures."

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