Klack megalon

Klack Megalon Battle Cruisers


In 4703 (OTT) the Klack Queen wanted to know more about an event known to the Klack as "The Red Night ". All records of  that event and period of Klack history that lasted between 200-500 years have been sealed by Queen F'Thikat "The Risen" about 12,000 standard years ago.  (In Klack time: 56,747 OSA (Orbits since Awakening )). Since the records had been sealed by a Queen, no attempts had been made by Klack scholars to do any research.

However Queen Nt'gtar thk the 745th  was of the opinion that the Klack, now Union members, should not be afraid of anything.  In her opinion the legends around the eight legged demons turned out to be false and let to the discovery of the Archa.  She also wanted to know if the legends of another species of Klack was true (Black Klack )

The Science Council of course offered all possible assistance and tasked the Science Corps with the investigation.

The Science Corps department created research group : Red Night  and in asociation with the Union Historical Association begun the task to shed light on that time in Klack history.

For the first time in 12,000 years , the seals of the Forbidden chambers were broken and Union scholars and scientists begun with the task shifing carefully through severely decayed records, restoring and recording them. 

One such records led to a long forgotten Klack colony and depot from before the Red Night. 

Besides finding a species of savage and just barely sentient Klacks, they also found an underground hangar with 500,000 Klack ships from the time before the Red Night. What was always suspected was now proven, the Klack had reached TL 8 before (Klack Battlemoons) and due to the yet to be discovers details of the Red Night period, lost much knowledge.

Union Fleet researchers and engineers found these ships quite advanced and easy to refurbish for Union fleet use.

It was decided to refurbish and reactivate these ancient ships. (Except for a few units sent to Union museums) 

These ships were called the Megalon Class and  received the Union Hull designation UC (Union Corvette

After an idea of Stahl, many of these Megalon ships were given as a gesture of honor and recognition to Klack Captains and since the Queen holds the rank of an Admiral in  the Union Fleet, the Megalons were grouped in their own "numbered fleet ", the 68th .

Tech SpecsEdit

Megalon Battle Cruiser