General Term describing Technology used by any branch of the Military. Usually refers to equipment and weapons that are not legal for private persons or civilian entities.

The United Stars of the Galaxy generally restricts the access to Military hardware, but any lawful Citizen can request any Type of Military Hardware or weapon and argue the need for possessing it in a written request to a federal Court. A Union Judge can decide if the Citizen has reasonable needs or arguments and can issue a Permit. Such permits often have extensive clauses as how the item or the equipment is to be stored, the Security that needs to be provided and the training the person needs using it.

For Example Roy Masters of Green Hell legally owns a Military Grade TKU and a Cerberus Battle Robot. The TKU was permitted, by Union Court Order 734663- 3200 permitting all native residents of Green Hell to possess Military Weapons of all types. (Except Class VI - Disguised Weapons) The same Court Order was the basis of the Permit issued to own a fully armed Cerberus Battle Robot. Master Gunnery Sergeant Brown confirmed (as part of the Permit conditions that Mr. Masters is fully instructed in the Military requirements to command a Battle Robot)

Another famous example is the Case where Horatio Timberthale argued that he had needs for a Translocator Cannon and the Union Judge granted his request if Mr. Timberthale could fulfill all the requirements for the Permit to be issued. (Provide adequate Security, complete a back ground check, three Psychic Evaluations, Complete the Translocator Technician and Translocator System specialist course. Mr. Timberthale was denied by the United Stars Academy and was unable to access the only school that provides the required training...

Union Security and Union Military Investigation departments investigate any claims or cases of Union Mil Tech trade (domestically or abroad).

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