Mineralizer/Demineralizer Unit

Mineralizer/Demineralizer Units are fairly common technology with various sizes and versions available.

most times unless industrial sized the units are integrated into other devices and are not stand alone.

an Demineralizer Unit is an system that can remove minerals from any kind of water (waste water] will overwhelm most smaller Demineralizers) into pure water (pure H2O)

an Mineralizer Unit uses an Water Mineral Blocks to turn pure water into palatable and safe Drink water

most Demineralizer Units are set to produce Mineral Blocks to Science Council specs if possible

Mineralizer/Demineralizer Units are integral to wide array of union products and machinery. for example the following devices include Mineralizer/Demineralizer Units : Serv-Matics, MolGas Refineries, water survival/emergency tool

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