24 modified RAMA bots

Envisoned by the legendary Dr. ISAH even earlier as last answer to the Y’ALL invasion, the RAMA bot program never got past the prototype program because Richard Stahl returned and he brought the Translocator Cannon. The RAMA project was revived by a scientist and scholar of ISAH;s work about 700 years ago. Dr. Nemsei and his team built eight different versions or series. Then the Piostla Crisis begun and the Piostla War followed and Union forces requisitioned a test production of 500,000 RAMA Bots.

(*See RAMA Bots)

The Saran Queen of that time was present as the RAMA bots were tested and she ordered 2000 of them for Saran Palace guards all over the Saran kingdom. Only 130 were delivered. 24 had been specially designed to resemble Saran Goddesses with black animal heads and golden bodies.

Only these outer cosmetic design changes set these RAMA bots apart from the regular Type 8.

Only these 24 modified robots are still in use and mostly for ceremonial purposes. The 24 modified bots are located at the Pluribus – Saran Palace. There they are standing guard between ceremonial duties.

The Modified RAMA bots are due to design changes not 20 but 30 meters tall. The ceremonial 28 meter long staff these robots carry conceals a tractor beam projector on the bottom and a FTE Projector on the other end.

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