Union Star System

The region centers on Monocreos-Center, a dim red sun with one rock type planet, Monoceros Point.
One of the three regions that make up the Outer Rim Region (M-0 Galaxy , Upward Sector , ORR )
The region is named after a Constellation seen from Earth

Monocreos Center is a Dim Red star with one rock core planet, too close to its mother star for liquid water to occur.  There is no native biosphere.

Even though it is a very thinly populated outer rim region, Monocreos Center is the region core and thus has a Union Police precinct (Precinct 7783) a Sector Court and a Type III Union Clinic . (Staffed). There is a Union Library with OOCA office
Daily Space-Bus connection to ORR-Hub and Zoroaster, system .
The LRDSS Buoy net is logistically managed by LRDSS-MONO-Logistics located on Monocreos Point.
There is a Class B Spaceport . All 67 suns and 88 brown dwarf systems have been claimed by the Union. A local OOCA office allocates and manages these.

There are 67 known dim and very dim suns and 88 brown dwarfs within this region.
The Monocreos region has 93 automated Long-Range Deep Space Sensor buoys (LRDSS-AB)
Four-Number Fleets have their HQ's within the Monocreos region.

The 69th Fleet - Zoroaster, planet
The 68th Fleet - Danny, system
The 67th Fleet - Remmie, system
The 66th Fleet - Deep Six System

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