Moon cheese
Moon Cheese & Crackers 

This fun and tounge in cheek food consists of simple Terran style cheese ( Swiss Cheese) and crackers (Baked). It was named that way by a catering person providing the snacks at the launch of the very first United Earth spaceship, (the UES New Horizon ) and is a staple tradition at every UES and now Union Ship launch (christening). So much so, that it is part of Union lore and there is a company called "Mooncheese " actually located on Luna distributing "Moon Cheese" and the only cheese deemed propper at such an event.

It is well known that there is always a serving of Mon Cheese & Crackers at every party event or function of the United Stars Spatial Navy. There  is even a USS Moon Cheese and a planet Moon Cheese with moon Crackers.

The Union Spatial Navy manual 6943-75 . On propper space vesel naming and christening events states on page 344 section 4 : Moon cheese is to be served in slices cut to 6.5 m by 6.5 cm x 0.20 cm from regulation size blocks of Moon Cheese ( Blue pack , 1000 grams pack supply item number MC-57738303-6543884) and served in platters (Moon Cheese and cracker serving plate - Supply item number MCCSP-5478578-5822548). The cheese squares are to be arranged in rows of 12 sliches each....

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